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Models of effective teacher educator practice

Exposure to models of effective teacher education from the UK and abroad, helping you to develop your understanding of what’s possible and how it can be achieved. 

Expertise in cognitive and behavioural psychology

Develop understanding about how people learn and improve, combined with support to prepare you to convey this clearly to your colleagues.  

Practical application of the knowledge and skills of teacher education

Experience in honing the way you design and lead training, to ensure that every teacher is getting better, whether through changing their actions or their thinking.   

Support from our faculty  

Support to ensure you can effect change in your school/organisation, ensure your work is aligned with school/organisation wide approaches and policies and evaluate your work to understand its impact.  

A community of like-minded teacher educators 

Connecting you with other expert teacher educators locally and nationally, creating a network of peers to share ideas and receive feedback – a network which we hope you will sustain long after the course has finished.

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Hear more about Teacher Education Fellows, including programme aims, content and delivery, at our webinar with programme lead Nick Pointer 

More about Ambition Institute

Who we are

Ambition Institute is a national education charity. We run training programmes for teachers, school leaders and system leaders who serve children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

What we do

We help schools tackling educational disadvantage to keep getting better, and help their teachers and school leaders to become more expert over time. That’s how we’ll make sure every child gets a great education and the best possible start in life.

Why we exist

We know that children from disadvantaged backgrounds don’t do as well at school and we know that improving teaching and school leadership is the best way to fix this.

Our expertise

Our programmes are informed by the latest research and the lessons we’ve learned from great teachers and school leaders like you. We don’t have all the answers, but we use both evidence and the wisdom of experts to guide our way.

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