webinar: Tackling lost learning through curriculum design

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Closing the gap

Our panel will focus on how curriculum design can help schools to respond to the gaps in learning that have opened up due to the pandemic.

Kat Howard

Co-author of ‘Symbiosis – the curriculum and the classroom’ and Assistant Principal of The Duston School is one of our speakers.

Oli Knight

Co-author of ‘Creating outstanding classrooms: a whole-school approach’ and the Principal of Ark Acton Academy is also one of our speakers for this webinar. 

Sonia Thompson

Our final panellist is Sonia Thompson, contributor to the researchEd 'Guide to the Curriculum' and Headteacher at St Matthew's C.E. Primary Teaching/Research School.


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This webinar is also an opportunity to find out more about our Curriculum for Senior Leaders programme and how to apply for the next cohort.

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Who we are

Ambition Institute helps schools tackling educational disadvantage to keep getting better, and their teachers and school leaders to become more expert over time.

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