Summer Series: Science of learning double bill

Session 8: Introduction to the science of learning with Nick Rose - Tuesday 30 June, 4.00-5.00pm. Session 9: How can we try to overcome learning loss? with Paula Delaney - Thursday 2 July, 4.00-5.00pm

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Session 8: Introduction to the science of learning

A Summer Series webinar with Nick Rose 

Join Nick Rose, Ambition Learning Design Fellow, and co-author of 'What every teacher should know about Psychology' for an introduction to the science of learning.


Hear from a frontline educator

Hear from Amarbeer Singh Gill, maths teacher and participant on our Masters in Expert Teaching about how he has applied the learning to his practice and the impact it's had. 


The best available research made accessible

Apply insights from the best available cognitive science research to your classroom. Benefit from evidence in a simple and practical way. 

The limits of working memory

By the end of this session you will know how the limitations of working memory impact teaching and learning.


The role of long term memory

Apply your learning from this session to see the role that long-term memory plays in supporting working memory, and the importance of prior knowledge. 

Remember: pupils will forget!

Gain insight on the role that forgetting has in learning and some of the evidence on how learning can be consolidated. 

Session 9: How can we try to overcome memory loss?

A Summer Series webinar with Paula Delaney

Join Paula, Ambition's Learning Design Manager, and guest speakers for our second and final Summer Series session on the science of learning.

The best available evidence 

Hear from sector experts about the cognitive science on forgetting, what the research says about forgetting and the education gap. Learn strategies to overcome forgetting – for now and in the future, including tools such as a simple model of memory and the forgetting curve 

What will I learn?

By the end of this session you will know:

  • Why your pupils forget
  • How you can  help your pupils remember
  • How you can support pupils to remember after gaps in learning

Apply the learnings to your practice

Hear from frontline educators about how they have applied these learnings to their practice and the impact it has had on their pupils. Apply the session learnings to your own classroom to see the amazing impact on pupil learning

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