People Power

Six ways to develop and retain educators in multi-academy trusts

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6 Suggested Actions

Support upwards progression

Build career ladders that help to “grow your own”.

Create an attractive development offer

Shape a development offer that appeals to staff.

Prioritise your working culture

Reduce workload to allow teachers to focus on teaching and learning.

Develop Specialist Expertise

Broaden staff experience and develop specialist knowledge.

Reduce development barriers

Minimise the direct and indirect costs of development to staff.

Manage Talent

Match talented staff to areas of strategic need across your trust.

More about Ambition Institute

Who we are

Ambition Institute is a graduate school for teachers, school leaders and system leaders. We’re on a mission to help educators serving children from disadvantaged backgrounds to keep getting better.

What we do

We want to ensure there are expert teachers in every classroom, being led by exceptional school leaders at all levels. Through our suite of programmes we’re now able to support educators at every stage – from new teachers through to MAT CEOs and trustees.

Why we exist

We know that children from disadvantaged backgrounds don’t do as well at school and we know that improving teaching and school leadership is the best way to fix this.

Our expertise

Our programmes are informed by the latest research and the lessons we’ve learned from great teachers and school leaders like you. We don’t have all the answers, but we use both evidence and the wisdom of experts to guide our way.

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